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Interview and filming of As Everything Unfolds

I had the most amazing time working with As Everything Unfolds last night.

It was so nice to work with such a fun and dynamic band!

They were all very helpful and took a lot of time with me to get what I needed.

For the interview itself we sat down for a long time and just discussed everything from touring, their social life as a band, their mental health and what they thought about mental health in the alternative music scene.

I filmed it on a DSLR camera because I found because I use it so much to photograph that I actually know how to use it better than the video cameras and could therefore produce better content in the end.

I am very excited to share the interview!

Filming the set was a new yet exciting experience for me! I was allowed to get up onto the stage to get the shots I needed and having quickly looked at some of my footage, I am very happy with the outcome.

Now to edit and put it all together !


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