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The final piece is here and ready to be viewed! Do you ever wonder what goes on in a musicians mind once they get off stage? This short documentary looks into the mental health of musicians in the alternative music scene. Their lively and meaningful music brings out emotions for their fans but are they... Continue Reading →

Editing process

I finally have all of the content I need to put my documentary together. Looking back to my pitch and storyboard things have changed a lot but that's what journalism is all about, sometimes you have to adapt to the situation and expect the story to change and possibly take a new direction. I have... Continue Reading →

I have an interview with a band

I was starting to worry I'd never be able to film a live show and interview with a band. I got quite a few cancellations and people messing me about until now. I will be filming with As Everything Unfolds in London on Friday for their Christmas event. I am already writing up everything I... Continue Reading →

Interview with HelpMusiciansUK

I conducted my interview with HelpMusiciansUk yesterday. I spoke with Christine Brown, the director of external affairs who was very helpful. The interview went really well, she gave me all of the information I needed. She talked to me about the study that I was interested in and said the most important stats. I took... Continue Reading →

I have an interview set up

I managed to get an interview with the director of external affairs at HelpMusiciansUk. I am now just preparing my questions and what camera kit I am going to take. I have been doing research on the study I want to discuss with my interviewee so that I will be able to get the most... Continue Reading →

I found a useful study!

Whilst trying to find stats to make my documentary relevant, I was lucky enough to come across HelpMusiciansUk . They are a charity who help musicians in various ways throughout their career, including dealing with mental health challenges. They have a helpline 0808 802 8008 And more on their campaign website: HelpMusiciansUk funded a study... Continue Reading →


My supervisor suggested I create a storyboard to plan out my documentary. I didn't add much detail but it's a rough plan of what I would like to create. Visual   Audio  Fast flicker through photos of band members lost to suicide.  The noise of a shutter closing for each photograph so it should sound like... Continue Reading →

Post pitch work!

I pitched my idea the other day but I now have a lot to work on! I originally wasn't sure if I wanted to produce a short TV piece or a documentary but I have now decided that a documentary would be more suited to my ideas. My supervisor said that I need to find... Continue Reading →

The Pitch

This is what I said during my pitch Most bands/musicians who fit within the alternative genre discuss mental health issues within their songs. Fans find comfort from these songs and some even use music as a coping mechanism.​​ But what about the musicians themselves?​ This research project will take a look behind the scenes of... Continue Reading →

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